Highly Purified Exosomes

Exosomes are small vesicles secreted by cells that contain a variety of growth factors, cytokines, proteins, and RNA. Cells use these vesicles to communicate with each other. When UCBSCs are introduced via IV therapy,  injection, or intranasal therapy, they home to sites of inflammation, and then through the release of exosomes, instruct your own cells to divide and differentiate into new tissues.

The exosomes we offer are primary exosomes purified directly from umbilical cord blood. They contain the full complement of growth factors the newborn is producing in order to grow and thrive.

Some clinics offer massive amounts of exosomes that are purified from cells grown in tissue culture. These secondary exosomes are produced by cells grown in the presence of fetal calf serum, usually 15-20% of the culture media. This calf serum is necessary for the survival and growth of stem cells in tissue culture. Other companies are attempting to engineer the content of exosomes in order to medicalize and patent a product.

East Meets West Stem Cells only offers primary exosomes when available.

East Meets West Stem Cells features superior products and extra ordinary service. We guarantee high viability, sterility and safety.

Please consider us as your extra ordinary providers, we welcome you as part of our family, know that we do value and care for your wellbeing.

Highly Purified Umbilical Cord Derived Exosomes

A highly purified exosome product derived from concentrated umbilical cord blood Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). These nano-sized vesicles facilitate a range of important cellular functions by improving the mechanism of communication among cells. These are primary exosomes in that they have not been expanded in tissue culture, nor have they been exposed to fetal bovine serum or other growth factors.

Exosomes can be purchased in any number desired, based on a person’s needs and resources.

  • 2 cc (1.25 Million)
  • 4 cc (1.25 Billion)

Benefits & Quality

  • Rich source of protein, mRNA, cytokines and growth factors
  • Cell-free, primary exosomes, not expanded in tissue culture
  • Culture-free, serum-free, bovine-free and xeno-free
  • Beneficial for treatment of variety of diseases and injuries, host repair and healing
  • Donors are extensively screened including medical history, physical and behavioral assessments
  • Extensively, serologically tested for multiple infectious diseases/agents
  • Umbilical cords procured during childbirth through an official registered cord blood bank
  • Aseptically harvested from cord blood in a fully controlled, sterile environment in a certified fully equipped Class 100 clean room
  • Highly purified in a unique, patented process with an extra purification step that goes beyond the market standards
  • Quality assurance and quality control form a significant part of testing
  • Precisely and carefully counted using fully automated state of the art equipment
  • FDA, HIPAA and Public Health registered
  • Code of federal regulations: HCT/Ps 21 CFR 1271.3(c)

I had a very positive experience and would recommend stem cell treatments here! This clinic is beautiful and serene. I felt naturally at ease, and I felt very well attended to the whole time. I appreciate the provider’s thorough explanation of the procedures, and I definitely appreciated her skill with the injections! The doctors were calm, personable, and engaged, which amplified the level of care. The stem treatment for my healing-for-two-years shoulder injury pretty much erased that persistent pain immediately, and when the injection soreness lifted, my shoulder felt normal. Months later, and my shoulder still feels healed and pain free! I’m really glad that I decided to do this for myself.

Em M.

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